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If you’re looking for a more affordable and environmentally friendly option for cooling, an evaporative air conditioner might be the best option for your home.

What is an evaporative air conditioning system?

An evaporative air conditioner is a ducted cooling system that sits on top of your roof with ducts connecting to some of the main rooms in your home to distribute cool air.

Hot dry air from outside is evaporated and turned into cooler fresh air inside, to cool your home. It’s the only form of air conditioning where it performs better when you leave your windows and doors open.

How does evaporative air conditioning work?

An evaporative air conditioner uses the natural cooling properties of water to lower the temperature of a room through evaporation. A ducted cooling unit is installed on the roof and connected to a series of outlets throughout the home that draws in fresh air from outside.

The hot air passes through filter pads located inside the roof unit which cools the air and then distributes it through the vents inside your house. With an evaporative air conditioner, the entire volume of air within the house is refreshed every few minutes.

Evaporative air conditioners work best in Perth on days when the air is hot and dry. So essentially, the hotter the air, the better the cooling effect will be.

Why choose evaporative air conditioning in Perth?

Evaporative cooling is the one of the cleanest ways to cool your house. When using an evaporative air conditioner, you don’t have to keep the house closed up to stay cool, you can keep doors and windows open without any worries.

Here are some reasons why you might want to opt for an evaporative air conditioner in your home:

  • Natural fresh air – evaporative air conditioners is the healthiest way to cool your home. It uses fresh air from outside, whereas other air conditioners use air already inside your home. Recycled air from refrigerated air conditioning tends to dry out the air and circulate allergens when not regularly maintained. That’s why an evaporative air conditioner is ideal for people who suffer from hay fever, asthma or have allergies.
  • It’s good for the environment – evaporative cooling uses the natural cooling process, so it doesn’t emit any harmful CO2 gases in the process. It uses less energy, which means it has a more positive impact on the environment.
  • Keeps your house open – unlike refrigerated air conditioners, evaporative air conditioners work well when windows and doors are open as it uses evaporative technology and doesn’t manufacture cold air.
  • Cheaper alternative – evaporative air conditioners are designed to use less power per hour compared to refrigerated air conditioners, which means you’re likely to save more money. They also tend to be cheaper to install.

To get the most out of your evaporative cooling system in Perth conditions we encourage you to:

  • Leave windows and doors open – do this for the rooms that are being cooled. Make sure the openings are large enough to allow air to flow freely. This will improve the effectiveness of the cooling and not put any added pressure on the fan. To reduce heat gain, also open any windows or doors on the opposite side of the house.
  • Adjust your settings on humid days – turn off the water supply to the cooler and only run the fan. This will help make your evaporative air con more effective on those humid Perth days.
  • Set the timer – if your evaporative air conditioner has a timer, put it to good use by setting a time for the system to switch off when you no longer need to cool your home, such as the early hours of the morning.
  • Avoid air leakage in winter – did you know evaporative coolers can be a source of heat loss during winter? By purchasing special covers for the evaporative outlets, you’ll minimise the heat loss on those cold Perth days.
  • Regularly service your air con – to ensure your system continues to operate effectively over time, we strongly recommend servicing your evaporative air conditioner on a regular basis.

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