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Total Air Conditioning are an authorised Actron Air dealer and repair service agent. This means from the moment you make an enquiry about your new Actron Air split system, through to design, installation and support; we have you covered.

We have access to all parts and can make any repairs to your Actron Air Split System under warranty if the need should arise.


Actron Serene Split Systems Perth

Serene Split Systems air conditioners are designed to efficiently and quietly cool or heat single rooms, such as:

Individual rooms in the home.

  • Small, medium and large retail stores , bars or restaurants

  • Small – Large office spaces

  • All size residential homes


If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish premium split system, then the Serene is the perfect solution. The Serene comes with an enormous array of state of the art features all packaged up in a small and attractive system.

Style and Substance With the Serene Split System

With the best operating range on the market of -25º C to 50º C, the Serene might be small, but it packs a punch! This system is perfect for single rooms, living areas and apartments.

Get ultra flexibility with 12 different settings, including an intuitive mode that automatically selects the right settings for your comfort needs. The five outdoor settings result in greater efficiency and reduced sound volume.

Breathe easier with Serene’s BIO Filter Breathe Easy high-efficiency feature with bio enzymes that can capture up to 99% of nuisance particles like dust, pollen, fungi, and bacteria.

Get style with ease with our innovative design that allows the dust filter to be quickly removed without ever having to open the wall unit. The simple design also means that the system can be installed and accessed with a minimum of fuss.

Precision and Peace with the Serene Split system

The Serene System does live up to its name with features that give you the ultimate in precision control and a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Unlike most Air conditioners, the Serene comes with additional sensors inside the remote and wall controllers. Use the ‘Follow Me’ button on your remote to get the temperature you want wherever you are in the room and preset your favourite comfort levels to call upon at a single touch.

Use Serene’s smart Sleep Mode to ensure you get a perfect night’s sleep. This innovative feature matches to sleep patterns, tapering down for the first two hours before holding steady for the next five, then automatically turning off. If you need to get comfortable quickly, use Turbo Mode – a powerful function that quickly gets you your desired temperature. You can also use the Multi-directional Airflow feature that allows you precise control over the direction of airflow.

Two Directional Airflow?

We all know that hot air rises and cold air falls. With Two Directional Airflow, the system directs hot air towards the floor and cool air higher up, ensuring the air is evenly distributed within the room for the best comfort possible.

Boost Mode!

If you’re in a rush to get comfortable Boost Mode will get you there fast, allowing Serene to run over-capacity for a short period to reach your desired temperature as quickly as possible*.

*Serene can only maintain Boost Mode for a maximum of 20 minutes.

  • ECO+ Mode – Once you reach your preferred temperature you can engage ECO+ mode and Serene will maintain the temperature as efficiently as possible for eight hours, reducing energy consumption by up to 60% compared to normal mode.

  • Appealing design – split systems can blend in perfectly with the interior of your home without needing to block any of your windows.
  • Smart Proximity Sensor  –When activated, the Intuitive Proximity Sensor enables Serene to detect human movement, allowing it to run at reduced capacity when there’s been nobody in the room for 30 minutes.
    And to ensure you stay comfortable, it’s smart enough to automatically revert back whenever someone re-enters the room.
  • Dehumidification Mode –When you’ve got too much humidity in a room, even if your system is set to a low temperature it can still feel warm and uncomfortable. That’s where Dehumidification Mode comes in.
    Simply turn it on and the system will efficiently remove excess moisture from the room, ensuring that the temperature you want will actually feel good too
  • Anti-Icing – Auto Defrost Mode

    Stops ice build up on the outside unit.

    When the temperature drops outside in Winter, Serene incorporates an intelligent defrost function to prevent freezing and ensure smooth operation in conditions as low as -25°C.

  • SPRINT Activation –This innovative feature means Serene can get you comfortable quickly.
    When activated, the compressor achieves its maximum frequency quickly, reaching 65hz within 6 seconds from start up and allowing Serene to deliver conditioned air within 40 seconds.


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